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The Tamer vs The Lion!

Dear Sis

How are you today, how are you really doing? Hey have you ever been to the Circus and saw the part when the man came out with a gigantic Lion and you said to yourself “oh wow that couldn’t be me, you couldn’t pay me to be right beside the King of the Jungle?” Then that’s when it happens, it seems like everybody is quite, sometimes the tamer who is the individual with the Lion request for the audience to be quiet. As everyone gets quiet and focused the tamer begins to command the Lion to do certain things and then after the show everyone cheers! How is it the Lion who is suppose to be this roaring and wild animal submits to this one person? How is it that this one person is so calm and confident that the Lion isn’t going to rip them apart? Well let me challenge you to understand the importance of discipline and structure. See the tamer has to go through a lot of training, alot of studying and even A process to help build confidence.

I once watch a video when they talked about the attributes of the king of the Jungle who is the Lion. What makes the Lion the king of the jungle, what makes him so fearless, especially being that he isn’t the biggest, the fastest, or even the smartest! So what is it then? It’s his ATTITUDE, HIS CONFIDENCE, HIS BODY LANGUAGE! Wow!!!

So moving forward with the tamer he has to understand that and in a since reverse the roles by his body language his confidence, his attitude and his wisdom! Now what if I told you it’s the same exact principle for your life. See we are designed with a spirit wrapped around the flesh. The spirit is the tamer and the flesh is the Lion. The flesh always wants to go against the spirit, the spirit always wants to abide with God! What if I said your life would have more purpose if you fed you spirit more vs your flesh? See God wanted us to live this life abundantly, we were always created to win to overcome the enemy and the enemy who is the devil knows that. The devil knows how special you are and that’s exactly why he tries to use your flesh against you. He wants you to give into that Lion and submit to him, however that is why you have to put your work in as the tamer. You have to go through your training(the process God carries you through) you have to do a lot of studying (studying the word of God because it is feeding your spirit so your spirit can be ready) and you too have to go through the process of confidence( you have to become so secure with God and trust him to the pinto that no one can stop you from getting all he has for you) this is the technique of the tamer! You are stronger than the Lion. It is time for you to walk in greatness, claim and pick up everything that is your. So the next time your flesh... that roaring lion tells you why you don’t deserve this, why you can’t get that, why it’s going to be to hard to receive this, you stand tall and remind the flesh that you are in control, that greater is He that lives in you, that you were created to be the head not the tale, and that you can do All things through Christ!

Its time for you to take your life back, go get the promises God told you were yours, move in confidence knowing that all things are working for you, merge your visions and fantasies into reality! FOR YOU ARE THE TAMER AND THE LION MUST SUBMIT!!!


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