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The invisible watcher!!!!

You ever felt Like someone was watching you, daydreaming about you, or even reading all your post on-line but not commenting, liking or showing any type of evidence that they were there? Well...they are your invisible watchers! Now one thing about an invisble watcher they can either be a lover of your character or a hater of anything you produce. With that being said you have to be very cautious of what you put out to the world about you. You ever heard the saying “everybody doesn’t have to know your business?” That’s very true however at the same time I also agree with the saying “you never know Who you can help with your testimony!” You truly have to make a decision about who you want to reflect!

When it comes down to choosing if you wanna be a person thats a open book that tells everybody everything about themselves I personally say...negative. When it comes down to being a person that locks everything on the inside and never opens up about anything I once again personally say...negative! I believe their is a balance in what you say and what you do to be a light into the world. My advice is to seek God about what it is He has called you to be and what He has called you to represent. Once you figure this out it doesn’t even matter who’s watching you, supporting you, or talking about you.

What I chose to do one day after talking to God is being exactly who He called me to be. He Chose me to be a leader, someone who ministers, uplifts others, and use the things I‘ve been through to show people they are not alone. So with that being said I became the person that is genuine about everything I do, I allow people inside my story without them taking over my story, I use the pain I went through to help others understand they can over come it too because I did. Do I have invisible watchers, of course I do, but the thing about them is I factor them into my life with out giving them power of my life. I always ask my self the popular question “What would Jesus do?” But now I also ask my original question “what does the invisible watcher need to see from me today?”

Regardless of their motive I’m responsible for my motive, for my action, for my opportunity to help them, or I can just act like they are not there. Understand this we all have invisible watchers but my question for you is what message are you going to send to them? Who do you choose to be today? In your choosing make sure you do the best thing for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health! The invisible watcher needs you even if they don‘t Know it! So be confident in all your moves and in all your actions because you are being watched by the invisible watcher!

Dear are great but most importantly Dear sis You Win!


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