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Soup anyone?

Dear Sis,

I remember when I was a young girl my grandma use to make all types of soup especially when it was cold out side. Sometimes I hated the way the house smelled when she was cooking it, and then there were other times when I loved the way it smelled at the point I was ready to eat it right then and there. However I could never tell you what she put in these soups. I use to ask “Grandma what are you putting in that pit now?” She would reply “oh a little of this and a little of that not to much of those but A little more of that!” I use to laugh it it because of how she said it, but what she was really saying was a few of the right ingredients would make it taste just right!

Thats almost like the life we are presented with. Each one of us are unique, different, and habe something special that we bring to any dish. The things that transpired in our life are small ingredients that may have a impactful flavor to our recipe. What we have to learn to do is take what we are presented with and figure out the perfect flavor for the dish we want to prepare. What do you want your life to say about you? What do you want people to remember the most about you? When you enter a room what is it that people will notice first? Will they look at you and see power, individuality, rareness, inspiration, and motivation; or will they see defeat, someone that blends in with the crowd, normal, dullness, or a broken and lost person?

See your life is totally what you make it. Life can truly beat you down, break you into pieces at time, and make you feel like all hope is gone... however If you allow God to interact and show you purpose everything you go through will then start to make since. Sometime we break simple to be build again... the right way, sometimes we are defeated because we need to birth appreciation, at times we may find ourselves lost because we need to learn humbleness. God takes us through a process so that we will appreciate this life more and so that we can work with what we have. As long as you are breathing and moving you have the tools you need to become that powerhouse, that inspiration someone else needs to see, that transformation some need to witness, see others need to identify your ashes being transformed into beauty!

Today I challenge you to look at your life and create the best soup you can create. Lets imagine for a moment God being the pot, Jesus being the water, and the Holy Spirit being the fire.... now they work together to boil the water for you( giving you all the components you need to cook something up good) now all you have to do is through your ingredients in their. What is negative in your life? What makes you scream in silence? What is it that you feel like is weighing you down? What is hurting you at night to the point you can’t get any sleep? Throw it all in the pot. The word of God says “Cast all your cares upon me” cast all of this into the pot and begin to smell the aroma that is being created. I can still hear my grandma now “ oh a little of this and a little of that not to much of this but a little more of that!” So put a little of this and a little of that, not to much of this but a little more of that! NOW THATS A GREAT SOUP!



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