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Really Sis?

Dear Sis

I was getting a pedicure today and the lady was doing a great job. I was watching her to make sure she took her time and did exactly what I wanted her to do. The pedicure was suppose to last for 60 minutes and I was so excited about that alone. I felt like I needed to watch her and enjoy that hour, you know make sure she was taking her time. The only problem between her and I was the fact I kept tightening my posture in my feet and their position and she kept trying to show me how she wanted me to be. Finally she says ” Relax, just sit back and close your eyes and enjoy your spa treatment” so in agreement I closed my eyes, scooted back and just relaxed. Well as soon as I was escaping in my mind to a fantasy world guess what? It was completely over and all she had left to do was polish....REALLY SIS?

At that very moment I was ready to tell her exactly how I felt, to me she didn’t give me my full hour, she didn’t take her time, and I didn’t get to enjoy it. However something told me to look at the time and it was exactly one hour. I was highly upset because the best part went extremely to fast. As I was walking to my vehicle I had a revelation.... Although I wanted to blame the lady from beginning to the end; it was my fault. I was the one who wanted to watch her every move, wanted to tense up and not relax. I was so worried about watching her moves And not enjoying my moment.

why is it every time something happens in our life we blame everyone else for our reactions. People are not responsible for the way we handle situations. You can’t base your life on others, your choices on others, and most importantly your happiness on others. “Oh but if they didn’t do this I would not have done that, im angry because of everything I been through, i can’t move forward because people try to hold me back, they won’t let me be great!” Really Sis?

God gave you dominion over your own life, you are responsible for your health, your drive, your appearance, your happiness. If you keep trying to get everyone to take that credit you will never truly appreciate you over coming! Sis you deserve the best, but in order to get the best you have to get out of your own way! You wanna own your happiness? REALLY SIS? THEN GO AHEAD AND DO IT!

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