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Hit the mute BUTTON‼️‼️‼️

You ever was watching a good show and it wasn’t child friendly and suddenly one of your children came in the room and you hit the mute botton because you didn’t want them to be expose to what your ears were exposed to? Or what about the opposite, you ever been watching something and your kids, siblings, friends or whom ever was talking or listening to something and it caught your attention so you hit the mute botton to hear what they were exposing their selves to? Well, that’s the same with our life.

When ever you are going through the process of life and you are trying to accomplish goals, do everyday life routines, and still keep up with yourself and self care you have to be intentional. It is imparitive to hit the mute button on certain things that your atmosphere doesn’t need to be exposed to. To much exposure to negativity, doubt, drama, and selfishness can drain your mind body and soul. You have goals to achieve, steps to imprint on, lives to inspire, and a mission to complete.

To be all you can be you can’t keep allowing people to disturb your regularlly schedule program with loud noises that are trying to drown out your program. Hit the mute botton. If they aren’t giving you something to add to your program you have to ignore it, if they are hurting you with their actions or words you have to tune it out, if they are picking with you just for reactions you have to tune it out...HIT THE MUTE BOTTON.

This concept goes even for those same people that try to come and listen to the show, try to add and take what they want from your show, you know the ones that come in your personal space and dictate what you should or should not this case you need to hit the mute botton on your program. DONT ALLOW these people to hear or be exposed to what it is that God has for you, these are the times you move in silence. You don’t want that energy!

Finally you still wanna be humble and ready to learn. At times God will send gems in your life, door openers, or those people that are sincerely desginged to help you. With that you have to be sensitive with your ears and stay alert. You have to be ready to hit the mute button on your own show on PURPOSE to actually expose yourself to more wisdom and more experience. So next time you hear something that is beneficial don’t be prideful and not inquire but be humble and HIT THE MUTE BUTTOM


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